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40 Years Of Great Customer Service

  • Sending and tracking samples, to allow customers to taste different wines.
  • Management of customers’ orders from the reception of the order till the departure by truck, ship or plane.

All countries having special legislations, we provide services such as:

  • Flexibility to specific markets requirements (back labels, carton labels,…)
  • Monitoring the administrative documents (custom documents, invoices, analysis documents by accredited laboratories,…)
  • Customer follow-up and customer care needs (meetings, visits,…)
  • Advice with the creation of specific labels

Organization of complete tastings

Since we are located at the heart of the beautiful sunny French Riviera, and only few minutes from Nice International Airport, we welcome our customers to visit us for a tasting throughout the year.

Tastings varies in time and depend on the needs of the customer. Samples from our selection of wineries are available in one physical place for tasting at their pace, without having the hassle to travel across every regions of France. This saves precious time and money for the buyers, enjoying and knowing each other at the same time, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Payment conditions

Our wine offers are ex-cellars; the collecting cost of the goods as well as the shipping, is supported by the customer.

Payment conditions are within 60 days by bank transfer. For the first order we request a full payment in advance.

Whatever French wines and spirits you are looking for, SORNE EXPORT will be happy to advise you.

We always remain at your disposal for further questions you might have and looking forward to help you to find your good match!

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